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Why Us

You will notice how we stick out the moment you walk into our partner dental clinics, on top of our knowledge, experience, and variety of services to guarantee your dental needs are being met, all our patients commonly remark what a wonderful ambience we deliver, giving a pleasingly simple experience when contrasted to certain other clinics. 

When you meet our welcoming team of experienced professionals, all phobia of dentists will vanish. We will make certain that you are adequately diagnosed and advised so you'll be absolutely sure your requirements are being addressed, and this is one of several factors why our patients entrust us with their oral care. Our practices are situated in the center of Istanbul.

As Dent-Health Istanbul, we take great pride in our superior service, unrivaled attention to the smallest details, and outstanding team that will ensure you receive the best dental treatment possible in Turkey. Our dental treatments are unparalleled

​Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our domestic and international patients as well as provide exceptional service with individualized, truthful, ethical, and knowledgeable care. We strive to offer outstanding oral healthcare to our patients by giving high-quality, interdisciplinary, and cost-effective dental treatments.

Our vision is to become Istanbul's best-branded clinics, providing exceptional value and quality in dental cosmetics, implants, and general dental treatments.

As a result, Dent-Health Istanbul will exceed patients' expectations by providing top grade dentistry and utilizing cutting-edge dental technology. Dent-Health Istanbul provides patients with transparency, flexible personalized treatment plans, and competitive rates.

Why Turkey

Global competitor in the dental tourism market


  • Lower prices, bigger savings

  • Latest technology

  • High-quality treatments

  • Convenient travel: connection with various airlines

  • Government backing: heavy investment in medical services

Why Istanbul

Straddling the Asian and European borders, Istanbul has the culture and history of both the East and the West. 


From the impressive Blue Mosque, to the colorful Grand Bazaar, the city’s unique must-see sights await you!


Beautiful weather, rich cuisine, and vibrant nightlife make Istanbul one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

Our Partners

  • Melis Bircan Clinics

  • Özel levent ağız diş sağlığı poliklniği

  • Özel Multident ağız diş sağlığı polikliniği

  • Burtom konur cerrahi tıp merkezi

  • Bakırköy estetik dent

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