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At Dent-Health Istanbul, we specialize in a wide range of medical services, with a strong emphasis on dental care. Our skilled team of dentists offers cutting-edge treatments for various oral health concerns. Additionally, we prioritize preventative strategies to keep our patients happy and healthy. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive dental services and find the treatment that works best for you. Trust us for a healthier, more confident smile.


A smile makeover is a cosmetic dentistry transformation for a more attractive and radiant smile.


Full mouth restoration is a comprehensive dental procedure aiming to restore and enhance the entire set of teeth for improved function and aesthetics.


Permanent metal screws replacing missing tooth root and holding one or more artificial teeth (crowns, bridges, dentures) in place.


Bleaching of the teeth to lighten the current color by several shades.

Dental Veneers over model

Thin shells covering the front of the teeth to improve their appearance with and without preparation work.


Caps intended to protect, cover, and repair the shape of teeth.


Series of almost invisible aligners for minor alignment adjustments.

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