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  • Prosthesis treatment is divided into two as removable and fixed prostheses.

  • Lamina veneers, lumineers, crowns, bridge onlays and inlays are fixed prostheses.

  • Removable prostheses; Flexible prostheses; Total prostheses

  • Partial prostheses: 

  • Overdentures. They are implants or over-dental total prostheses.

Dental Prosthesis example full mouth
Patient dental treatment



Preventative & Restorative dental treatment in Turkey is dedicated to maintaining the health of the teeth in order to avoid necessity for potential corrective dental restorations. Preventative treatment entails frequent dental check-ups and expert cleanings, to preserve good oral health. This reduces the chances of caries, gum problems, enamel erosion, and periodontitis, all of which necessitate treatments of restorative dentistry.


Restorative dentistry is in term for treating decay or damage in the mouth with dental operations. This area of dentistry differs from preventative dentistry in how it focuses on correcting dental issues that have already arisen. The goal of dental restorations is to make teeth look and work better.

Dental decay, chipped or broken teeth, lost teeth, discoloration, misalignment, and diastema are all primary reasons for people undergoing restorative procedures. To address these issues, the dentist may suggest fillings, crowns and bridges, dental implants, or dentures, among other alternatives.

Why Turkey, Istanbul in Health Tourism?
Today, the increase in the diversity of travel freedoms, the provision of convenience in transportation, the development of quality and technology in health services in different parts of the world, especially in Turkey, the difficulties in financing health services, both personal and budgetary, and the high price-performance ratio in Turkey, in terms of the concept of health tourism highlights Turkey's advantages. According to the data determined by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Turkey is among the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is in the category of countries with many advantages together, has proven in the World to be one of the leaders in this sector, being preferred because of its geographical location, touristic activities, advanced technology in health, quality health care delivery and economical prices. Istanbul, the metropolis and heart of Turkey, whose leadership is not limited to the health sector, has also served as the capital of the world's three greatest universal empires. In addition, Istanbul was chosen as the number 1 city in Europe by the American travel magazine - Travel and Leisure -  which has approximately 5 million readers, in the "Best of the World Awards" in 2021.
As Dent-Health Istanbul family, which is an organization that provides health services in Istanbul, we also have our own tourism agency in order to provide the best service to our valued clients in terms of both health and touristic activities. We will be very happy to welcome you with all our hospitality not only by positioning our valuable clients as patients, but also as members of our large Dent-Health family. It is our primary mission to not only create your impressive smiles, but also to provide you with unforgettable travels and trips and to immediately see the smiles that reflect your happiness on your face.
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