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Why prepless Veneers

Porcelain Laminates are a treatment method that is used most frequently by aesthetic dentistry and has very successful results. Porcelain Laminates are porcelain restorations that are adhered to the visible surfaces of the teeth, such as thin nails. In some cases, the application can be made without any abrasion of the tooth. This application is called Prepless Porcelain Lamina.

Prepless veneers are the most successful alternative in terms of obtaining fast and aesthetic results for dental problems such as discoloration, fracture and gap tooth problems. It is a treatment that is completed without loss of substance from your teeth. The prepless veneer, which is applied to each tooth individually, has a durability similar to natural tooth enamel. In today's technology, bonding agents have come to a very strong point and these veneers get their strength from bonding agents. With prepless veneers, it provides a comfortable and happy smile with brighter, straighter, healthier teeth. It is possible to keep this application, which is a permanent and long-term solution, in the mouth for many years with good care and cleaning.

To whom can it be applied?

- While laminate veneer is suitable for congested and heavily discolored teeth, prepless veneer can be applied easily in small teeth with gaps, less discoloration or yellowing and which are desired to grow.

What are the advantages?

- Since there is no abrasion from the teeth, there is no need for anesthesia applications.

- Sensitivity is not encountered

-Does not change color over time.

- Since there is no interference with the inner surfaces of the teeth, the language does not attract foreignness.

- They provide a natural tooth appearance as they have very high light transmittance.

It is one of the most predictable treatments for a big change in a short time.

How is it applied?

At the first appointment, professional photos are taken after the general examination. With a smile design on the photographs, the teeth are analyzed in detail and the suitability of the teeth is evaluated. Considering factors such as your expectations and your face type, a visual close to the final result is planned. The most suitable tooth color is chosen for you. Afterwards, the measurements and digital analyzes taken without touching the teeth are transferred to the laboratory. After the teeth coming from the laboratory are rehearsed, they are adhered to the teeth with special bonding agents.

How is Porcelain Laminate Care?

Brushing and flossing should be used twice a day. As toothpaste, non-abrasive fluorine-containing pastes should be used.

After the porcelain laminates are bonded, they will be like a natural part of your teeth. However, in order not to damage your porcelain laminates, it is necessary to avoid nail biting, pen biting and biting hard foods with the front teeth. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth at night, you should definitely wear the protective plates made by your doctor. If you are involved in a sports activity that will hit your mouth, you should wear a mouth guard.


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