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How can I make an appointment for my next dentist exam?

Simply dial our number and reach as at +90 544 745 10 16! International patients can contact us via this number on WhatsApp. Our patient coordinators will be pleased to assist you in scheduling your next dental examination when it is most convenient for you. Kindly inform us if you are a new patient, and we will supply you with the information you need from you to be ready for your first dental appointment with us at Dent-Health Istanbul.

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What type of toothpaste should I use?

The majority of toothpastes will remove bacteria and acids from meals and beverages. Fluoride, which protects and strengthens teeth, is always present in common toothpastes. If you want to avoid fluo

What kind of toothbrush should I get?

Invest in a toothbrush with gentle bristles. Teeth and gums can be harmed by medium and firm ones. Two times a day, apply gentle pressure for two minutes. Both electric and manual toothbrushes are eff

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