Why don't we shave healthy teeth ?


Healthy teeth are the starting point of our body health.

As DENT-HEALTH ISTANBUL team, we do not shave healthy teeth.

It is undesirable and unsuitable for the dentistry profession to produce aesthetic teeth by shaving the teeth only for aesthetic reasons and damaging them.


But we are also aware of the aesthetic needs of our patients.


As  DENT-HEALTH ISTANBUL team, we can make healthy and aesthetic teeth without any permanent damage to the teeth by minimally invasive methods without touching the teeth at all or by touching only 1-2 points.


Our patients have aesthetic smiles without shaving the teeth by sticking very thin hardened porcelains on the teeth with sensitive techniques.


Why don't we want to shave teeth ?


Cutting a healthy tooth can create irreversible problems, for example;

-The nerve of the tooth may be damaged,

-the harmony with the gums may be impaired,

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